Trust House is an established Textiles Buying & Quality Assurance Agency, working since 1980, providing Sourcing & Inspecting Services in various fields from Pakistan for discerning clients in Europe, USA & the Middle East, covering full range of textiles from Apparels to Home Textiles & Furnishing (Fabrics, Beddings, Bathroom & Kitchen Textiles, etc). Below is summary of our Sourcing Methodology, Quality Control ProceduresSupply Chain Solutions and more, for buying Quality Textiles & the wide variety of Products that we cater from Pakistan.


Trust House has a very vast vendor base, comprising of specialized manufacturers and vendors in their respective Product Lines. On behalf of our customer, we negociate the best prices from the vendors, to achieve the best price / quality equations
We negociate prices with vendors first & resolve all buying issues for our overseas customers like Design Development, Sourcing Right Manufacturers for the products, Order Placement, Monitoring Quality & Delivery Control and taking care of all of customer's problems like Poor Communication, Late Replies, Incomplete Status, Wrong Samples, Sub-standard Production, Late Shipments, Wrong Documents, etc.


Our office guarantees professional Quality Control & Production Follow-up services, to ensure on time performance, as per the required quality standards for all production needs. With our physical presence in the production areas, we are our customers best choice, for taking care of their overseas productions.

Buying from Pakistan through Trust House could be a very sound decision that will lead to improved profitability for yr company in the coming years The cultural differences & a different work ethic prevailing between the West & Pakistan compounded by communiction glitches leave a lot to be desired when it comes to contractual performance and you may hear many a tale of poor performance by manufacturers or you may yourself be facing difficulties in ensuring quality & delivery commitments by directly working with manufacturers.

Trust House is a professional Sourcing & Inspection Agency managed by an educated & experienced team from different fields of textile. The Chief Executive is a foreign qualified MBA & fully understand the cultural divide between the buyer & seller and guarantees on time performance and quality standards.

Trust House has experience of sourcing Textiles for Designers, Direct Importers, Mail Orders / Catalogue companies, Wholesalers, Retailers, Institutional and top class Hospitality customers including Hotel & resorts like 5 Star International Hotel chains such as Mandarin Oriental Hotels & Landmark Hotels, Riverside Golf Casino & Resorts, etc, along with for some famous US brand names includign GUESS Inc USA.


We can offer you our services from Pakistan for sourcing Quality Apparels & Home textiles. The services being provided to other clients & our general modus operandi is detailed as under, for your kind perusal.

If you wish, I can come & meet you to explain in detail our systems and operations OR if you have any plans of visiting Pakistan in the near future, we may avail the opportunity of taking you around to the mills that are catering to our valued customers.

M/Time, if you wish to review some representative samples from our side or digital images of the styles that our vndrs are producing, please advise us your requirements enabling us to arrange the same and forward to you as soon as possible Or if you have any specific requirements, pls forward to us on our merchandizing fax # (+9221 ) 5310 300 so we can quote you competitive prices for the same, and submit samples as per yr requirement.

Following is our company profile, explaining the services offered by our company:

It would be our pleasure, hearing from you & being of service to your fine company in the very near future.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Thanks and best regards,

aLi Rizvi 
(Executive Director)

trust house (Sourcing & Quality Assurance) 

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Address: 1st Floor, Sunset Towers, Sunset Boulevard # 1-D, DHA Phase II,

Karachi, Paksitan. Tel: 92-21-5310301 - 4 ;  Fax: 92-21-5310300;

Cell: +92-333-3515530  &  +92-300-2024735 ;  email:;


(Giorgio Armani)

 (a) We have been working in both knits and woven for last 18 years and have vendors located in Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad. Our vendors are supplying textile items to our buyers for a long time. These suppliers are capable to meet all requirements, from high quality fashion items to medium & low price bulk orders.  Our philosophy is to source good vendors who have a fully equipped factory and stable financial position to invest in quotas and then we concentrate on such vendors to develop a relationship.

We cover various vendors in 3 cities of Pakistan who offer a wide variety of products ; Fully Vertical Mills having in-house weaving capabilities ; Auto, Power, Shuttle less, Air Jet, Water Jet looms producing Low, Medium & High Thread Count Bedding in 100% Combed Cottons & PC Blends from T180 up to 600 thread counts in Sheetings, Percales & Sateens, Regular Jacquards & Panel Jacquard Weaving capabilities, Circular and Open width Knitting facilities, Woven and Knitted Terry Velour & Jacquard capabilities for all kinds of Bathroom Textiles including Towels & Bathrobes in up to 700 GSM qualities in Solids, Printed & Yarn Dyed qualities. Other varieties includes Checks & Stripes Dobbys, Waffles, Rib Cords, Metalesse, Twills, Drills, Yarn Dyed& Printed Flannels, Canvas, Duck, Panama, Denims, Lycra Jerseys, Piques, Herringbones, Knitted / Sheered Loop Terry, Regular & Polyester Polar Fleece, Cotton French Terry, Knitted Mesh & Dazzle, Woven Satins & Tissue weight Organza fabrics. Acrylic Chenille, Acrylic Mink Throws, Blankets & Bed Spreads, Tufted Chenilles, etc.


Over the past few years, Denims is became one of the core products of Pakistan & a lot of famous world brands & the importers and the buyers are covering a lot of their Denim Apparels needs from Pakistan & are enjoying good quality & profitabliity. Only in this year, more than a dozen new Denim Mills are put into work (other than a lot which are already working for years now), with stat-of-the-art machineries to produce high quality fashion denims in different weights & colors with a lot more innovations in the garment washing, to produce an exclusive product, using their hi-tech washing plants.


Our vendor's PROCESSING capabilities including imported ; Widest Width ; Double Side Motor ; Rotary Printing facilities capable of Fine Detailed Printing up to 17/18 clrs on 120 inches width, Wider width Flat Bed Printing facilities with Regular & Photo Printing capabilities, Continuous Thermo Sol Dyeing facilities for narrow and wider widths dyeing in Pigment, Reactive or Vet dyes, along with fiber raising / Peaching facilities, Yarn Dyeing facilities as well as Jet, Jigger, Winch dyeing facilities for Knit fabrics & Soft Flow Dyeing for Terry fabrics --- and all the required State-of-the-Art (post dyeing & printing) Complete Finishing Machines for achieving excellent hand feel in High Thread count fabrics.

(b) In Apparels, we handel complete range of products (Tops & Bottoms) in Knits & Wovens both, for Men, Ladies & Children & Institutional Uniforms & Apparels for different famous brand names in the United States. The items include Sleepwear, Loungewear, Casual wear, Outer wear, Work wears & Traveling wear,  etc, specifically Shirts, Shorts, Skorts, Skirts, Pants, Jeans, Jackets, Tees & T-Shirts, Dresses, Sweat Shirt Hoodies, Dangrees & Overalls, etc., in Printed & Yarn Dyeds, Mill dyed Dobbys & other fabrics qualities in a variety of fabrics constructions using 100% Cotton, 100% Polyesters, Cotton Polyester Blends, Linens, Viscose & other blended fabric qualities, in Woven Twill, Drills, Canvas, Denims, Corduroys, Bedford Cords, Ribstops, Ottomans & a variety of other Dobby constructions , & in Knitted Jerseys, Interlocks, Thermals, Fleece, French Terry, Knitted Terry, Pointeles, Ribs, Herringbones, & Veloure Jacquard knit patterns, etc. Enclosed are photos of some of the items that we have done for some famous brand name customers in Europe & USA, for your review & interest.


We have a specialized vendor base for Denims, who are doing only Denims for years & have their own hi-tech state-of-the-art washing facilities & the expert team including locals & foreigners, contineously engaged in giving the unique touch to the product with perfection.


We also do a lot of promotional items, such as Bags & Totes, (Synthetic Polyester) Sleeping bags & Camping Tents, etc in diff fabrics like Denim & Canvas & Twills etc, with imprints & embroideries.


In Home Textiles we handle a wide variety of made-ups in both  Knits & Woven,  Solid Dyed &  Printed,  Yarn Dyed Jacquards  &  Dobbys &  other Novelty weave fabric qualities and Bathroom textiles in Knitted & Woven Terry fabrics & Kitchen Textiles items & an extensive range of other home  textiles products in different sorts of fabrications.                                                
We have developed an extensive & reliable supplier base in these items and have made an exclusive dept. in our office, which include quality assurance staff, specializing in the above items.
We feel that we can offer competitive prices, wide variety of items and good quality products to your company. 

 (c) We have young, educated professionals in the Quality Assurance Dept. who are experienced to handle the Quality Control of the products during production, check garment patterns and give technical assistance to vendors reg. fabric and manufacturing process. 

(d) Sampling & Size Set Approval: Our office first approves All samples before sending them to buyers. 
(e) All cad cams, lab dips, strike-offs, trims, accessories & packaging material etc are first approved by our office before sending them to the buyers. This process ensures that only the correct samples of every item goes to the buyers & avoids time wastage & expense in re-ordering samples. 

(f) Checking of Fabric & Construction of Garments: We have In-house lab testing facilities to check color fastness (staining & change of color), dry & wet crocking, weight & shrinkage. All Production fabrics are tested to ensure that buyers required standards are met. 

(g) Fit samples, approval samples & pre-production size sets are tested as per buyer’s specs. Free for Production is only given to the supplier after all test results are O.Ked, including size specs. 

(h) During production, samples are randomly selected for testing, to ensure that correct quality is being produced. 

i) In-line Inspection: From the day first fabric lot is cut, till the end of production, we carry out Daily in-line inspections to check measurements, workmanship, handling of merchandise & general supervision. Quality Inspectors from our office are deputed to each factory we work with, who are present at the factory every single day throughout production and are responsible to supervise the entire manufacturing process. Each and every garment checked is critically analyzed for mistakes and a strict control is supervised to ensure correct quality is produced. An In-line Inspection report is issued to the vendor by our quality inspector, after every inspection and the same report is again faxed to the vendor next day, highlighting any problems found during inspections and their solutions. The In-line reports are issued every day of the production, followed by a pre-final inspection, which is done when at least 50% quantity is in packing. 
Our presence at the factories throughout production also helps us to have an up-date on production status & to push them for timely shipment. 

(j) Final Inspection Prior to Shipment: Our Q.C Manager carries out a Final Inspection for every order. The Final is done when he has an O.K report from the office for pre-final inspection and wash test reports. 
The Inspection standards are the A.Q.L standard given by buyers & is done only after 100% merchandise is in the cartons, packed, so the packing of merchandise is also checked along with a complete detailed check of fabrication, measurements, workmanship, labeling, finishing, packing, presentation & general optic, as per A.Q.L standards. A Final inspection certificate is issued for every shipment that is released by us.



(k) Sourcing of Factories: We source factories who are properly equipped with latest manufacturing machines, have a clean working atmosphere, are financially stable, hold quota for our required products, have in-house quality assurance system for checking fabrics and made-ups and are ready to cooperate reg sampling and new developments.

 (l)) Regular Follow up of Orders for Delivery Control: >From the day we get order confirmation, till the Final Inspection, we monitor the developments of samples, fabric processing and garment manufacturing to ensure that every process is started in time and is finished within required time frame. 
We fill an Action Calendar with the important dates, to keep a control on the order follow-up. 
Every requirement from buyers & supplier & its subsequent approval during the course of order follow-up, which may become a reason for late shipment, is charted on the Action Calendar with a date assigned for the Action. 
Both buyers & suppliers agree the dates & our office keeps a very strict control on the follow up of the Action Calendar. This is the same system used in big mail order houses of Europe & has proved very well in maintaining the timely delivery & controlling all aspects of order follow-up 

(m) Daily Information Update on Follow up: Our merchandising dept. is trained & experienced in getting timely information from suppliers regarding production & deliveries and correspondence with buyers is done on a daily basis. 
All required information regarding production status, sampling, approvals, deliveries, shipment status, documentation, etc is provided within 24 hours. 

(n) Office Systems & Documents: All orders are followed-up on standardized forms. Merchandising dept. reg. order status and control generates computerized reports. 

(o) Forwarding & Consolidation: We assist vendors in consolidating shipments, and follow-up on the clearing, forwarding and shipment process. All required information is passed on to buyers on a regular basis and a Pre-Alert is issued for each shipment. 

(p) Documentation Control: Complete shipping documents are checked by our office before sending them to buyers. 

(q) Letter of Credit Control: A master L/C is opened in our name, transferable to vendors as per buyer’s instructions. For each new order, a L/C amendment is sent with the new order details, and the same is transferred to the vendors. This process not only reduces buyer's cost of opening a new L/C for each new order but also helps in getting timely deliveries. 

 (r) Personal visits from our company staff are made on regular basis to our principal, to have a closer contact. 

(s) Web Based Order Tracking: This program is under development and will be in operation within this year. Once implemented, our entire Order Tracking will be Online and the buyers can get the updated status of their orders by visiting our website. By punching in their password, buyers can get all the info, from development to sampling, fabrication to production, shipment to documentation and any and all information that is required by buyers for any specific P.O. will be available on the web.


(f) Contact Persons: Following are the relevant contacts on Trust House, for yr info & records. When replying back, kindly keep all below persons in the receipents. 


All Purpose Contact Email :                         Email

Asad Sajjad :     (CEO)                              Email

Danish Sajjad:   (Director Operations)        Email

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